The Batcylce from Matt Reeves' The Batman has been revealed. Today is a pretty good day for DC fans who have been thirsty for more updates on the highly anticipated movie. Though we haven't seen Robert Pattinson in the new Batsuit, we have seen his stunt double, who is the one present in these latest Batcylce images. As it turns out, Reeves was not kidding around when he said he was taking the iconic character back to his detective roots.

Much like the new Batsuit, the Batcylce has an older feel that channels its look from the comic book source material. It's a very basic motorcycle design with curved bat ears in the front. It's simple and sleek, while being far different from what Christopher Nolan featured in the Dark Knight trilogy. DC fans will notice right away that Matt Reeves is leaning heavily into the comics for the new suit and vehicle. With that being said, they're will more than likely be more than a few fans who are unhappy with the designs.

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As for the suit, Matt Reeves gave fans an official look last week, though it did not reveal the full design. While looking at the leaked set photos from The Batman, it's hard to imagine that this will be the final design. Matt Reeves will more than likely add some digital embellishments along the way, much like what happened with the Shazam! suit. When DC fans saw leaked set images from that suit, they were massively disappointed. However, it came across far better on the big screen.

Matt Reeves is possibly taking influence from a lot of different areas of the Dark Knight's history. However, the director may be taking a lot from the Long Halloween comic series, especially since we're seeing so many villains thrown into the mix. There have been set photos with carved Halloween pumpkins, which also suggest this could be one of the major places that the story comes from. Reeves is not giving out any information about the movie unless he has to, and right now, he's in the thick of things, so don't expect too many updates in the near future.

The Batman is currently in production in and around the London area. There have been casting calls looking for circus performers, which has some fans thinking that the Flying Graysons will be introduced in the movie, meaning Dick Grayson, aka Robin, could get a small cameo. It's a stretch, but after the Long Halloween, Dark Victory hit the shelves and gave the character an origin series. It is quite possible that Matt Reeves aims to make more than just one movie and plans to send in some help for the Caped Crusader. While we wait to see, you can check out the first images of the Batcylce below, thanks to the MeIneresaCine Twitter account.