Yesterday, we were treated to our first glimpse at the full Batsuit, as will be worn by Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Two things though. We didn't actually get to see Robert Pattinson wearing the suit. Instead, it was a stuntman performing dangerous motorcycle stunts. Also, there was no cape. Perhaps there won't be one? Or, because these are dangerous stunts being performed, the cape will be CGI'd in later. Whatever the case may be, we now know what a cape on this new Batsuit will look like. And it's pretty cool.

Esteemed fan-artist turned sought after pro BossLogic has rendered a new piece of artwork that puts a Cape on the new Batsuit. And it looks great. The art shows Robert Pattinson in his new costume, sitting atop the Batcycle, riding in the rain. The cape flowing behind him in all its glory. Take a look.

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Bosslogic was one of the first to take the Batsuit camera test footage and colorize it, fleshing it out to give us a full look at Robert Pattinson in his costume. Some of the fan-art has imagined that this costume will bring back the Blue and Grey look from the comics, which we haven't ever seen in the more recent Batman movies. As we see in the first set photos, that won't be the case. Director Matt Reeves is going full black with his ensemble.

Perhaps that's because the blue and grey suit is too closely associated with the campy 1960s Batman sitcom starring Adam West. Some fans were worried that that this new Batsuit would be going with short ears on the cowl. That is not the case either. Robert Pattinson's Batman looks pretty well endowed when it comes to the ear department.

Not only have we seen the new Batsuit in full, we've also seen Catwoman. Or at least the first iteration of her Catwoman costume. It is believed that Zoe Kravitz's stuntwoman was spotted racing alongside the Batman stuntman in the rain. She is not in a traditional leather catsuit with ears. Instead, she is suited up in leather motorcycle gear with a plain black helmet. Perhaps Matt Reeves has another more traditional Catsuit coming sometime in the future.

For now, The Batman looks to be locked in the same kind of realism that Christopher Nolan popularized with his The Dark Knight trilogy. So far, most fans are on Matt Reeves side. Some have taken issue with this new Batman costume, which is too be expected. Some believe it too be a little too bulky. Though, we haven't seen the 'hero' costume just yet, the one that will be worn by Robert Pattinson in the non-stunt scenes.

You can get a look at some of BossLogic's other fan-made art at his official BossLogic Twitter. He landed some prime gigs creating official Avengers posters for Endgame. Perhaps DC will call on him to give us some official The Batman posters too when the time comes to fully promote this latest adventure for the caped crusader (see what I did there?).

The Batman Cape BossLogic Art
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