BossLogic has taken upon himself to show off what Robert Pattinson could look like in The Batman. We're treated to a full-color version that even features the full cowl. Additionally, other DC fans have taken their digital skills and removed the original red hue that Matt Reeves has in his camera test video and presented it in color. All of this work from the fans has helped to give a better idea of what Pattinson could possibly look like when The Batman hits theaters.

As always, BossLogic was quickly able to come up with some quality artwork. We see Robert Pattinson in The Batman suit from the camera test video, with some embellishments. For one, we can see the whole mask and it looks great. While the video gives off more of a minimal vibe, BossLogic's take makes the Batsuit look like a mixture from the comics and the critically acclaimed Arkham video games. The coloring is what stands out the most in this particular artwork, which was missing from yesterday's big reveal.

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While BossLogic, and other DC fans have gone with the more traditional longer ears on the mask, The Batman may end up with the shorter, more Adam West style ears. Some fans have not been into that look, with many comparing it to Daredevil. The comparison makes sense, especially since Matt Reeves' camera test video was all red. Regardless, it seems the majority of people are excited to finally see what Robert Pattinson is going to look like as the iconic character, since the look is really half of the battle.

One of the big details that is present in all of imagery from The Batman camera test is the new bat symbol on the Batsuit. It seems to be made up from a gun and fans believe that Matt Reeves may have done something really neat with the design. If the speculation surrounding the symbol is correct, it will be made from the gun that Joe Chill used to kill Bruce Wayne's parents. There is a precedent for this set in the comics and it's something that a lot of fans are kind of freaking out over. Hopefully this is what Reeves decided to do.

In color or not, The Batman batsuit seems to be pleasing most fans, which is not an easy feat. Robert Pattinson was not the name people thought of when he was announced as the star, but he has already come a long way in letting the fans know what he's all about. Pattinson just wants to do the best job he can and then worry about the fans later. While the look might not be what everybody was expecting, it's something new, which Matt Reeves seems hellbent on doing. You can check out some of the awesome fan art below, thanks to BossLogic's Twitter account.