Kevin Smith had a pretty good response to The Batman suit camera test reveal yesterday. But did he cry? That's what everybody wants to know, and for a good reason. We're not talking about Smith crying because he seems to get misty during practically any comic book movie trailer. Instead, the director could have some tears of joy if a particular fan theory surrounding Matt Reeves' take on the Dark Knight's suit ends up becoming true.

Kevin Smith is a comic book fan and he gets deeply emotional about his passion for anything having to do with comics. However, he did NOT cry when he saw Matt Reeves' camera test for The Batman yesterday. He went the opposite direction and went with a more Jay from the View Askewniverse reaction. "My Bat Pole is fully E****...," is all Smith could muster, using a NSFW reaction. We get it, he's pretty excited by Robert Pattinson in the new Batsuit, but did he happen to notice anything familiar about it?

Comic book detectives have been examining every frame of The Batman camera test footage. Everything from Robert Pattinson's chin to the size of the ears on the mask have been obsessed over. However, one thing that was almost immediately noticeable was the new bat symbol on the Batsuit. It's clearly made from guns, which got a lot of comic readers referring to Detective Comics issue #1000, titled Manufacture For Use. The story revolves around Batman tracking down the gun Joe Chill used to murder his parents. After he locates the weapon, he melts it down and makes a chest plate out of it. Matt Reeves could very well be referencing this. As it turns out, Kevin Smith wrote this story.

After some fans started spreading The Batman and gun theory around, Kevin Smith caught wind of the situation. "As the author of a certain Jim Lee story in Detective 1000, I pray to SMod this is true..." said Smith on social media. If it is true, the director/writer doesn't seem to have any confirmation at this time. Again, Kevin Smith did not cry... yet. If Matt Reeves comes out and confirms the origin of the new bat symbol and attributes it to Smith, he will cry for sure and for good reason.

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As co-host of the Fatman on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith is what you might call a bit of a Batman fan. This would be pretty huge for him, just like when Captain Marvel gave a Mallrats shout out, but even bigger. For now, Matt Reeves in understandably keeping his mouth shut. The camera test for The Batman was probably just a way to beat the leakers since the movie is currently in production. The camera test tactic is the same thing Todd Phillips did with Joker and it's a great way to tease the movie in an official way, as opposed to the first looks coming in from low-quality images. You can check out Kevin Smith's non-crying Twitter reactions to The Batman below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick