There has been a lot of talk about Ben Affleck as it pertains to his future, or possible lack thereof, as Batman in the DC universe. Matt Reeves is currently writing the script for The Batman, which is likely going to focus on a younger version of the Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck is 45-years-old but, thanks to a fan video that has been making the rounds online, it's surprisingly easy to make him look 20 years younger using de-aging techniques. This, for many Batfeck fans, serves as proof that he could still carry on as Batman moving forward.

The video was posted by Twitter user Landon O'Leary. De-aging technology has become increasingly popular over the years in Hollywood, most recently showcased incredibly in Ant-Man and the Wasp to make Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer look much younger. It's still a complex and expensive process. That said, O'Leary only used Final Cut Pro and FaceApp to accomplish his impressive feat with Ben Affleck. He utilized a brief clip from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in order to showcase what can be done to bring Affleck back to his 90s glory and the results speak for themselves.

The video first plays out as it does in Batman v Superman. We then see how it looks with the de-aged Ben Affleck. Finally, for good measure, we see the two shots side by side. It's undeniably impressive. If a fan can do this, imagine what a studio like Warner Bros. can accomplish? Though, this is a very brief clip. Doing this for an entire movie would be much more expensive, tricky and less practical. But is it impossible? Absolutely not.

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Martin Scorsese is currently working on The Irishman for Netflix. The expensive endeavor will see a de-aged Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. So it's certainly possible to do something along these lines for an entire, big-budget movie. But does Ben Affleck want to continue being Batman? Does Matt Reeves even want him in The Batman? Does Warner Bros. still want him around? These are questions that have largely been sidestepped since the release of Justice League, which proved to be a pretty major disappointment on just about every level. It's been a game of will he/won't he ever since.

Last we heard, Matt Reeves denied that The Batman will be based on Frank Miller's Year One and says that filming could begin this year, with his script set to be turned in within the next couple of weeks. Ben Affleck recently signed on to direct a movie about the McDonald's Monopoly game being defrauded, with his buddy Matt Damon attached to star. At this point, is it likely that Affleck will star in The Batman? Probably not. Does this video prove that it could happen if the powers that be wanted it to? Yes. At the very least, we can say that. You can check out the video from Landon O'Leary's Twitter account for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott