With Ben Affleck making the press rounds for Justice League, the topic of his future in the DCEU has arose once again, with the actor hinting he may be done with the character after The Batman. While he doesn't come right out and say that he's done with the character, there had been rumors that Ben Affleck was leaving The Batman, although that was later retracted from initial reports, leaving many to question where Ben Affleck may stand in the DCEU. During a recent video interview, the actor was asked if he would be up for playing Batman five times, the actor had this to say, in a rather non-committal tone.

"I don't know about that. We'll see what the future holds."
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The subject was brought up during an interview where Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) were asked about Gal Gadot's recent stint hosting Saturday Night Live, after the success of her box office blockbuster Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa made the rather surprising revelation that all he has ever wanted to do was to host SNL, which seemed to surprise Ben Affleck, who himself has hosted the show five times. While his answer may not be terribly hopeful for Batfleck fans, it certainly isn't that surprising, to anyone who has followed the DCEU regularly over the past few years. The Batman would be his fourth performance as Batman, following Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League, and if the actor doesn't think that he'd go past five movies, then it seems he may be done after The Batman.

Ben Affleck was originally supposed to direct, star and co-write The Batman with DC Films president Geoff Johns, with the movie rumored to be targeting a late 2018 release, although a date was never officially confirmed. Then last November, Ben Affleck commented in an interview that The Batman script needs a lot of work, with other comments hinting that the studio wanted to rush the movie into production while Ben Affleck stated that he didn't want to rush the project. After a spate of rumors about Ben Affleck's involvement, it was announced in late January this year that Ben Affleck will not direct The Batman, with Matt Reeves stepping in to direct.

A month later, Ben Affleck said that the script for The Batman was finished and that he and everyone else was happy with it, although there were also more rumors sprouting up that Ben Affleck wanted out of the project altogether. Rumors kept persisting throughout the year that Ben Affleck is out as Batman, including his own brother, Casey Affleck, revealing that his brother isn't playing The Dark Knight anymore. Then again, there was also a report from April that claimed Warner Bros. is planning a total of four Batman movies that will all be released in 2019. The last we heard on this project was in September, when a report claimed The Batman starts shooting in Summer 2018.

It was also revealed in July that Ben Affleck's The Batman script was completely tossed by Matt Reeves, although there is no word on on whether or not the new script is ready quite yet. There was also talk that the project may lose Joe Manganiello, who has already been confirmed to play Deathstroke, but as of now, there is very little that has been officially confirmed about the movie. Regardless, you can take a look at the new Justice League video below where Ben Affleck won't confirm future Batman roles, courtesy of Extra TV YouTube.