It seems that Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck just cannot get away from answering questions about The Batman movie that never was. Despite opening up recently about the very personal reasons that caused him to leave the role to someone else, Affleck is still being asked whether he will ever return to the role in the future, or if the door was closed forever.

"Yeah. That's not the kind of movie that - I had an opportunity to write and direct and star in a standalone Batman. And it just happened at a point in my life where I just kind of lost interest in those stories. You know? I'll go see Robert's, I think it's gonna be great, he's great, but this [The Way Back] is the kind of story that I'm interested in telling now."
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Fans were very much looking forward to Ben Affleck as The Batman, with the actor having proven his competency as a director with movies like The Town and Argo and his interpretation of the character considered one of the clear highlights in DC's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Sadly, the solo Batman movie that Affleck had been working on came at a very difficult time for the actor and it ultimately killed any passion he had for the project. Thankfully, rather than just press ahead with it, he quite rightly stepped down and let someone else take it on.

Affleck has already shown his support for Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman, and for actor Robert Pattinson who will be taking on the role of the Dark Knight. Affleck was originally going to write and direct The Batman movie, in addition to returning as the character after Justice League. Obviously that didn't happen and he has spoken about the personal demons that caused him to step away.

The biggest distinction between Pattinson's upcoming take on Batman and Affleck's is the age difference. Where Pattinson's Caped Crusader will only be in his second year of crime-fighting, Affleck's was a much older, weathered and more world-weary Batman. With this in mind, Affleck was then asked whether he would consider returning to the cape and cowl in another 20 years.

"Maybe a very old Batman would be interesting, with a walker!"

At least he is able to joke about it, despite questions about Batman no doubt littering his interviews from now until the end of time. Besides, a Bruce Wayne with a walker is not even that far-fetched considering fans have wanted to see the world of Batman Beyond take the live-action route. Perhaps Affleck would return then as the aged Bruce Wayne. Make a note to ask him should you ever have the pleasure of interviewing him. This comes to us courtesy of DeWayne Hamby.

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