Joey Lawrence really wants to star in Matt Reeves' The Batman. The actor has been campaigning hard for the role on social media and he seems to be serious about wanting to take on the Bruce Wayne role. He is urging Warner Bros. to take a chance on him and fans have even set up a petition to deliver to the studio, showing just how high the demand is for Lawrence to be the next Caped Crusader. As of this writing, the petition has a grand total of 470 signatures with a goal of 500.

Ben Affleck officially retired from the DCEU earlier this month and the search is on for a new lead to star in The Batman and beyond. Since then, Joey Lawrence has posted about his interest in the part three times, calling it a "life-long dream." After the petition was started a few days ago, Lawrence posted a picture of Affleck in character and then one of his own headshots, thanking his fans for making the petition happen.

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Joey Lawrence has repeatedly asked Warner Bros. and DC to "step outside the box" when casting the next Dark Knight, which obviously means him. The actor is calling on the studio to do what "Marvel did with Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy." Lawrence is gunning for the part, but is he the right actor to take it on? When Ben Affleck said he couldn't "crack" the part, Lawrence is claiming that he can. However, the studio is reportedly looking for a younger actor too take on the role in The Batman, and Lawrence is 42-years old, which is only 4 years younger than Affleck.

Joey Lawrence is arguably best-known for starring in the 1990s sitcom Blossom, alongside Mayim Bialik. His character, who is also named Joey, is described as "A not-so-smart baseball player, ladies' man, and middle child." He was last seen on the big screen in 2018's Sk8 Dawg and will be seen next in the controversial Roe v. Wade movie, which is currently in production and due out sometime this year. Lawrence has had a much bigger career on the small screen lately when compared to the big screen.

Joey Lawrence recently finished Season 2 of CBS' Celebrity Big Brother and starred in the popular Melissa and Joey, alongside Melissa Joan Hart from 2010 to 2015. While seeing him in Matt Reeves' The Batman seems like a pretty big stretch, the actor is gunning for the part real hard right now. Lawrence also has a bunch of experience in voice acting, so it is possible for him to get an animated gig at some point down the line if his campaign doesn't end up working out for him. If you would like to see Joey Lawrence in The Batman, you can head over to to sign the petition.