Yesterday, we got a look at the full Batsuit that Robert Pattinson will be wearing in The Batman. Though we didn't actually get to see the actor wearing it. Instead, we saw one of Pattinson's stuntmen, who was also spotted on the revamped Batcycle, which took a nasty spill in the rain. Alongside these images, a female stuntman was spotted racing alongside Batman. It is now believed that this is our first look at the Catwoman costume.

Though we don't get to see Zoe Kravitz in the costume, fans will immediately recognize it as something we haven't quite seen before. If this is indeed Catwoman, as many believe, she is not wearing the traditional leather costume we've become so familiar with. Perhaps she will have the traditional Cat cowl, but for now, the woman's face is hidden behind a motorcycle helmet. You can take a look at the The Batman set images below.

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Director Matt Reeves was quick to give the world a first look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit with The Batman camera test footage. The costume was divisive as to be expected. Not many have weighed in on Catwoman's look just yet. And we're sure there will be more to the costume. In the leaked set footage we've seen, it appears as though Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are racing their motorcycles in the rain.

There is a more scaled back approach to what we've seen so far. This isn't Zack Snyder's bombastic Justice League world. There is at least a hint of that Christopher Nolan realism that was so popularly used in The Dark Knight trilogy. This could be taking place in our world. It's not over the top or campy. Though we have heard whispers that there will be a few nods to Joel Schumacher's Batman legacy. No nipples on the Batsuit as far as we can see though.

Director Matt Reeves is in England with his cast and crew, shooting the movie as we speak. Colin Farrell was spotted early on with silver hair, kicking it across town with Penguin's signature umbrella. But we later learned that these may have been more camera tests, and Penguin's true look has not yet been leaked to the masses.

The Batman will be swooping into theaters next summer, so we have awhile to wait until Bruce Wayne makes his return to the big screen. The DC Comics adventure will hit screens on June 25, 2021. It will be preceded by Wonder Woman 1984, which is in theaters this summer starting June 5. We'll also be getting The Suicide Squad and Black Adam in 2021. The second Suicide flick is shooting now under the direction of James Gunn. It is expected that The Rock will be suiting up to shoot his long-awaited Black Adam movie very shortly.

You can take a look at the Batcycle wipe out video in the tweet provided, which gives us a look at Selina Kyle rocketing down the road on her Catcycle. Though this is a stuntwoman, not Zoe Kravitz. Digital artist @datrinti has also given us a fun look at a fan-made camera test for Selina Kyle in costume. You can become his Patreon to see more Catwoman concept art from him now.