For the second time in a week, Warner Bros. is reportedly looking for a new director to take the helm on The Batman. One week ago today, Matt Reeves entered negotiations to take over for Ben Affleck as director on this standalone DC adventure. But now it sounds like that won't happen either, as a new report reveals negotiations have broken down between the studio and the filmmaker. An unnamed studio source says that it's possible talks could resume "once heads cool," but for now, Warner Bros. will likely be searching for a new director.

The Hollywood Reporter broke this news, with their studio source confirming that talks have in fact broken down between Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves. It wasn't stated why talks broke down, or if there was a specific issue, or set of issues, that lead to Matt Reeves walking away. While we may never know what lead both Ben Affleck and Matt Reeves away from this coveted directing gig, the site's source said Warner Bros. still intends on making this movie, because the Batman franchise has been proven to be "bigger than one person."

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Earlier this week, after Matt Reeves was offered the job, we reported that Ridley Scott and Don't Breathe filmmaker Fede Alvarez were both in the running for the directorial gig. That report said that Ridley Scott was "waiting in the wings" to direct this film, should the deal fall through with Matt Reeves, which is apparently exactly what happened. If talks don't resume between Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves, it isn't known if Ridley Scott will be the studio's next choice to take the helm of The Batman.

Ben Affleck revealed in a statement a few weeks ago that he is still determined to star as The Batman, although the movie was simply too big for him to star in and direct at once. However, another rumor surfaced a few days ago that Ben Affleck was also trying to get out of starring as The Batman altogether, despite his previous statement affirming his commitment to appearing in the film. Even if this is true, and Ben Affleck does want out, it remains unclear whether the studio will even let him out. But if that didn't happen, this report claimed that, after Justice League, The Batman will likely be the last time Ben Affleck stars as Batman. Still, that hasn't been confirmed yet. Hopefully we'll get clarification on Ben Affleck's status with this project soon.

Warner Bros. still hasn't set a release date for The Batman, and it remains to be seen when production may begin, once a new director is found. Chris Terrio (Justice League, Batman v Superman) recently provided a rewrite on The Batman, which was originally written by both Ben Affleck and DC Films President Geoff Johns. The Batman isn't the only DC movie with directorial troubles. Seth Grahame-Smith was originally set to make his directorial debut on The Flash before he backed out, which lead to Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) to step in, although he later left the project as well. The Flash still hasn't found a director at this time. As for Matt Reeves, he is still in post-production on War For the Planet of the Apes, which hits theaters on July 14.