New fan-made poster for DC's upcoming standalone Batman movie features Jared Leto's Joker. It looks as if DC is on the upswing with Wonder Woman hitting theaters this week, earning positive reviews and even a 94% Fresh rating from Rotten Tomato and projected box office earning of over $200 million worldwide. Hopefully wonder Woman's success will rub off on the rest of the DCEU. One of the projects that could certainly use some good thoughts is the standalone Batman movie. Ben Affleck was attached to write, direct, and star as the Dark Knight, but those plans have changed and it's unclear what exactly is going on with Batman except for the fact that Matt Reeves will be directing and Ben Affleck will be starring in it.

While fans wait for official news, MessyPandas took to his Twitter page to share his fan-made poster for The Batman. The poster sees the return of Jared Leto's version of the Joker holding a bloody Batarang over his mouth. The composition and graphics are really well done, the poster looks professional until you get down to the font of The Batman. The font looks like it was an afterthought and distracts from how awesome the rest of the fan-made poster looks.

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It is pure speculation on the part of MessyPandas that Joker will be the main villain in the standalone Batman movie. They could roll out a big marketing campaign showing Leto in every other frame of the teasers and trailers and then barely use him in the movie. Wait, DC already did that? Whoops. The debate over who played the best Joker is almost as big of a debate as who played the best Batman, maybe a bigger debate in certain circles. Leto's quirky off screen behavior might have been better than his over the top performance, but that's all down to personal preference. Leto has teased through his social media that he might be making a return, but again, nothing has been officially announced to the public.

Back when Affleck was still in the director's chair, Joe Manganiello was set to be the main villain in the movie. Manganiello was long confirmed to be playing Deathstroke. Earlier this year, though, Manganiello was unsure of his involvement in the standalone movie, which is never a good sign for a something that was supposed to have already started production. Affleck reportedly wanted to feature Deathstroke as the main villain because he hadn't been used in a Batman movie yet and that he'd be the perfect counterpoint to Batman.

Reeves is currently gearing up for the release of War for the Planet of the Apes, which will be arriving on July 14th, 2017. So maybe production of The Batman will begin shortly after the release of that movie. The only guarantee is that it's going to be awhile before we see any official news about the standalone Batman movie. Until then, fans can check out MessyPandas' fan-made poster below.