Jonah Hill is rumored to be up for a role in The Batman, and new fan art is depicting how he might look as The Riddler in the upcoming superhero movie. Recently, it was reported Hill was being eyed as a top name to join the cast along with Robert Pattinson, but it wasn't clear which character he was in contention for. Both The Riddler and Penguin have come up as possible roles for Hill to play, and fans have begun picturing what it'd be like seeing him in these parts. For the former, Instagram artist ultraraw76 has drawn up some interesting artwork of a Jonah Hill as The Riddler, and the result is bizarre yet oddly convincing.

There are many other names rumored to be in contention for The Batman as well. It was recently reported Westworld star Jeffrey Wright is up for the role of Commissioner James Gordon. Mahershala Ali was also rumored for the part, although that seems to have been taken off the table following his casting in Blade for the MCU. Previous rumors hinted towards Josh Gad playing Penguin and Vanessa Kirby as Catwoman, although both have since clarified they hadn't actually been cast. As of now, only Pattinson has been officially cast for the project to star in the lead role of Bruce Wayne, and the powers that be are still apparently on the hunt for his co-stars.

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Rumors aside, many fans have been doing their own fan casting to envision different performers in various roles. Some of the more popular suggestions include Macaulay Culkin or Bill Skarsgard as The Joker and David Tennant as The Riddler. Because a reported plot leak suggests The Batman is set at a time when all of the villains in his Rogues Gallery are running rampant in Gotham City, there's a good chance we'll be seeing a variety of familiar crooks. Reportedly, the movie will follow Batman investigating a series of bizarre murders taking place in Gotham, with every supervillain in the crime-ridden city considered a suspect.

If Jonah Hill winds up playing The Riddler, he'll be far from the first person to do so. Frank Gorshin and John Astin both did well in the role for the original Batman series from the '60s, with Cory Michael Smith nailing the part much more recently with Gotham. On the big screen, The Riddler served as one of the primary villains along with Two-Face in the 1995 movie Batman Forever, with funnyman Jim Carrey in the part. The character oddly enough never appeared in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy or the DCEU, making a potential spot in The Batman long overdue for the supervillain.

The Batman is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021. With still so much time left to go, Reeves has some wiggle room to figure out his cast, but as casting is under way, we should be getting some more official announcements soon. The Jonah Hill as The Riddler fan art comes to us from ultraraw76 on Instagram.