Is Josh Gad playing Penguin in Matt Reeves' The Batman? Maybe. Maybe not. That hasn't been decided yet. But the actor thought it would be fun to troll fans earlier this week, subjecting them to the divisive idea on Twitter. Now, we have an idea what that might look like if it became a reality.

Thanks to fan art maestro Boss Logic, who is starting to find some legitimate gigs thanks to becoming quite popular on Twitter, we have a good idea what we can expect should Josh Gad as Penguin come to pass. And Boss even hints that he's getting a little too busy, himself, with his new found gigs creating posters for some of the Hollywood elite, to keep these fan art depictions going. But he hasn't stopped yet. He offers this quick quip, passing no judgement on Gad as Cobblepot.

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"Some break time fun - @joshgad Penguin"

What's most interesting about the idea of Josh Gad playing Penguin is not the actor taking on the role itself. But the idea that Penguin will be in The Batman played by a fairly popular actor. Joe Manganiello has long been attached as the main villain in this standalone adventure for Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. But once Affleck stepped away from the director's chair, allowing for Matt Reeves to take over, things changed.

Last we heard, Manganiello wasn't so sure he was still playing Deathstroke in The Batman. It sounds like the script is getting a complete overhaul under Reeves' watchful eye. And that could mean that Penguin is being brought in as the Dark Knight's main adversary. Or, Penguin could be showing up in one of three other Batman-centric movies in the works right now over at Warner Bros. and DC Films.

Even if Penguin doesn't show up in The Batman, chances are thick that he could stretch his big nose over into Nightwing, which will introduce Batman's former partner Robin into the DCEU, or Gotham City Sirens, which centers on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, and then there is the Batgirl spin-off, which will need a good strong villain under the watchful eye of director Josh Whedon. At this point, it's anyone's guess where Penguin could show up.

It's also possible Josh Gad is just trolling fans with a big smile on his face, the way he started a viral coup with his Daisy Ridley Rey Star Wars videos from the set of Murder on the Orient Express. No one in the DC camp has said they're interested in Gad for Penguin. And from the sounds of it, most comic book fans aren't really digging the guy for the role. Though he certainly has the bodytype, he's no Danny DeVito, who played the character in Tim Burton's 1992 offering Batman Returns. And a lot of current DC fans believe that Robin Taylor owns the role after his amazing performance on Fox's Gotham. However it shakes out, you can take a look at this fan art and decide for yourself. Is this who you want to see playing Penguin should the iconic DC comics villain put in an appearance in one of the upcoming Batman movies heading our way before 2020.