The director of the upcoming comic book caper The Batman, Matt Reeves, recently gave us all a glimpse of what actor Robert Pattinson will look like in the cape and cowl. Along with that, we were also given a snippet of what composer Michael Giacchino's score will sound like. Well, as is so often the case with these things, both the costume and music have received their share of criticism on social media. But unlike what so often happens, Giacchino himself has taken the fight to them in defense of his and his colleague's hard work.

One fan, who replied to the clip simply with a "Horrible... no thank you" was probably not expecting a reply from Michael Giacchino, but boy did he get one.

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"You could have just said "No thank you." When you're in a restaurant and the waiter asks "would you like anything else?" Do you respond, "Horrible! No thank you!"???"

Another fan, who surely was also not expecting to hear back, called into question the stillness of the Batsuit test footage, saying that a real Batman reveal should involve "Acrobatics, Jumps, gadgets in action and so on". Giacchino replied with "So confused. Is this better?", accompanied by a clip of the campy Batman and Robin from the 60s television series. Surely we can all be grateful that Pattinson's Batman bears no resemblance to that.

This fan took umbrage with Michael Giacchino's Batman score, saying that his "lackluster score for Doctor Strange doesn't boast any confidence!!" And declaring that the excerpt we heard lacks "epicness". Needless to say, Giacchino's reply was pretty salty.

"Incredibly, I'm unconcerned with how you feel on the subject."

Here is how he replied to a critic who insulted a fan's analysis of The Batman using parts of the gun that murdered Bruce Wayne's parents to forge the Bat symbol. After the analyzing fan gave their take, said 'critic' replied with an unnecessary "Who fuckin cares". Clearly, Giacchino was not having that.

"Clearly YOU do."

The criticism continued with one Batman fan simply stating that "this fucking sucks, actually". Once again, Giacchino was waiting in the wings, not unlike Batman, to dish out another spirited retort.

"I love intelligent, thought out comments like this. Your parents must be so proud. Bravo!"

Eventually, people even began criticizing Giacchino's counter-criticism of the critics with one fan saying, "Stop replying to stupid trolls. So annoying", but evidently Giacchino was enjoying himself too much.

"But they're soooooo cute. And fun!"

When one fan declared their love of Danny Elfman's theme over what we have heard of Giacchino's so far, the internet awaited the composer's response with bated breath. Thankfully, not all of the interactions were as barbarous, with this final example demonstrating perhaps how we should all behave when it comes to differences of opinion.

"Proof that a difference of opinion on twitter can be cordial!"

It would be advisable to always be cordial when communicating with Giacchino unless you would like a salty reply to stain your social media account. The Batman is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb
Jon Fuge