Awesome new fan art from BossLogic imagines what Jon Hamm would look like as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves' mysterious The Batman. Earlier this week, Hamm expressed interest in playing the Caped Crusader if the context and story were right. However, the actor also revealed that Warner Bros. has never officially approached him about playing the character, though he has heard reports about his involvement since his days on Mad Men. There were even rumors that Hamm was trying to steal the role of Wayne from Ben Affleck before Batman v Superman.

In all of the chaos surrounding the DCEU, excellent fan artist BossLogic has drafted up a piece that features Jon Hamm as the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. The actor looks pretty much like his Don Draper character from Mad Men, looking pretty intense while waiting for some tea from Alfred. Hamm has the look for the character and begrudgingly said that he would even hit the gym for the project if he were ever officially approached to fully fill out the iconic suit.

The Batman is one of the more exciting projects brewing within the DCEU at the moment and Matt Reeves is keeping everything under wraps. Ben Affleck was originally on board to write, direct, and star in the film, but a lot has changed since the project was first announced, and it looks like Affleck is out of the project entirely. Neither the studio nor Affleck has offered up any update on the project in quite some time, and it has been heavily rumored that Reeves wants to cast a young actor as Bruce Wayne.

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Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington is the latest name to get thrown into the ring after reports came out last week that he could be potentially starring in The Batman. However, Harrington's representatives denied the rumors. Jon Hamm could be a good fit, and fans seem to want him in the part, but it's just too early to tell what's going on with the project, and he doesn't really fit the bill for being younger than Ben Affleck. Matt Reeves could end up having Affleck back, but that seems pretty doubtful at this time.

Matt Reeves is reportedly done with the first draft of the script after the director announced that he would be turning it in early last month. Now that there's a script in place, it might be time to start the casting process, which could mean that a late 2019 production start is not out of the question. It was originally thought that Batman: Year One or The Dark Knight Returns were going to form the basis of Reeves' story for The Batman, but the director has revealed that he won't be adapting either of those comics, while revealing that the film will not be an origin story for the Caped Crusader. While we wait for more information in regard to The Batman, you can check out what Jon Hamm would look like as Bruce Wayne below, provided by BossLogic's Twitter account.

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