We have ourselves another interesting actor who is rumored to be up for the lead in The Batman. At this point, official news regarding director Matt Reeves' solo movie centered on the Caped Crusader is pretty slim. So, to the rumor mill we go. In this case, we have word that Warner Bros. might be looking at none other than Game of Thrones star Kit Harington for the role of Bruce Wayne.

It should be emphasized again before digging in too deeply here that this is merely a rumor for the time being, as it hasn't been corroborated by anyone at the studio or anyone involved with the production. That said, a new report claims that Warner Bros. requested a digital mock-up of what Kit Harrington would look like as Batman, along with another as-of-yet-unnamed actor that wasn't identified in this particular report. These mockups were ordered back in June and it isn't clear if that was at the beginning of the process regarding their interest in Harrington, or well into the process.

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Even if these rumors are/were true and even if Kit Harrington is no longer in the running, it's still a pretty interesting bit of information to chew on. It seems downright improbable at this point that Ben Affleck will be suiting up to play the Dark Knight for Matt Reeves in The Batman. Not only is the prevailing rumor that Reeves will be going with a younger version of the character, but as we recently reported, Affleck's recent rehab visit made it so he would be very expensive to insure for a major blockbuster right now. As such, he's quite likely done playing Batman for the time being.

Jack Gyllenhaal was also rumored to be up for the part, as was Jack Huston. This new report notes that both of them are roughly the same build, give or take, as Kit Harington, which signals the direction they may be heading when it comes to casting the new version of Gotham's most famous hero. Harrington seems to have an edge in the age department, as he's 31 and it's been reported that the character in The Batman will be in the 25 to 30 range. Plus, Harrington seems destined for big things with Game of Thrones wrapping up its final season next year. It's not a matter of if, but when, he sings on to play a big role in a major franchise.

But what about this mysterious actor that the report refuses to name? That's anyone's guess at this point, but the author of the report speculates that he may ultimately become the frontrunner, as he's closer to Ben Affleck than any of the other names that have come up. For now, all anyone can do is speculate as to who this mystery man could be. And that speculation could be for nothing if another actor scores the role in the end. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what happens once Matt Reeves finishes up the script and moves on to casting. The Batman is currently without a release date. This rumor was first reported by Revenge of the Fans.