To say Ben Affleck has been wishy-washy about returning as Bruce Wayne in DC's The Batman would be an understatement. The 'will he or won't he' parade of news has been unbearable, and on par with whether or not Daniel Craig would come back as James Bond. While doing press for Justice League, Affleck has admitted that he's not committing himself to the role. And that he's looking for a way out of the DCEU that is quick, painless, and drama-free. In recent days, we've learned that director Matt Reeves is already testing new Batmen. And at the top of his list is Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, we have an idea what that might look like.

Evergreen fan artist BossLogic has rendered a new piece that puts Gyllenhaal in the batsuit. He's dark, brooding. But is he right for the role.? We'll let you tale a look and decide for yourself. BossLogic had this to say about his latest masterpiece.

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"Just a quick fix for now - Jake Batman, might add more to it."

Perhaps there will be an update with Jake Gyllenhaal wearing the cowl. But that has always been a point of contention with every Batman actor. Just how much screen time does the famous face get out of the mask? Ben Affleck actually gets quite a bit in this weekend's Justice League. And we can imagine Jake will demand the same. Interestingly enough George Clooney, once voted the sexiest man alive, spends more time in the mask than Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer.

At this moment in time, The Batman doesn't have a set actor in place, as Ben Affleck has not agreed to return. While Jake Gyllenhaal might be Matt Reeves' top choice, there are other actors in the running. Though there is no short list being flaunted just yet, so who else might be coming in is anyone's guess.

The DCEU is in flux. Aquaman has wrapped. It will be the next DC movie to hit theaters, but doesn't arrive until next December, giving fans a pretty big gap between movies. In an interesting turn of events, Shazam will be the movie that follows Aquaman. It was supposed to be The Flash movie which has evolved into Flashpoint. But while that movie is in pre-production, Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League does, and they could still get pulled. Suicide Squad 2 seems like a sure thing, but even that movie is standing on thin ice.

If Ben Affleck does step down, there will be plenty of actors eager to take over the role of billionaire Bruce Wayne and his alter ego The Batman. If Affleck does step down, it will create an interesting paradox, as other DC movies movie forward. Will The Batman be connected to the DCEU? Perhaps not. Fans will just have to wait and see how this all pans out.

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