Josh Gad is continuing to tease a possible role in Matt Reeves' The Batman. The actor has been not-so-subtly campaigning to play the villainous Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin for a few years now. DC fans seem to be on board with the actor's crusade, but it's not clear just who will be taking on the role. The same can be said for Robert Pattinson, who is heavily rumored to be the studio's number one choice to take on the franchise.

When it was announced last week that Robert Pattinson is allegedly going to be the lead in The Batman, Josh Gad retweeted the story and simply said, "Eh. I could take him." DC fans were quick to jump on the tweet, but like most times when Gad teases his involvement, he doesn't follow up on questions. While it hasn't been confirmed, it is rumored that The Batman will feature The Penguin and Catwoman, much like 1992's Batman Returns. Anne Hathaway also played Selina Kyle and was never referred to as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

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There has been speculation that Matt Reeves will not cast the villain roles until Robert Pattinson has officially signed on to take on The Batman. It has also been reported Nicholas Hoult is a contender for the role. Apparently Warner Bros. is going through a rigorous "vetting system" to find the best actor to take over the Dark Knight role from Ben Affleck. It seems like we're all pretty much back to square one when it comes to information surrounding The Batman.

Josh Gad has been teasing The Penguin role for a long time, but like anything else having to do with The Batman, his involvement is unknown. However, he could just be trolling fans at this stage in the game. The project has gone through numerous changes ever since it was first announced. Remember when Ben Affleck was going to write, direct, and star in the movie? That wasn't too long ago, but it seems like a lifetime now and the studio is still trying to get everything ready to go.

Ben Affleck wanted to introduce a villain in The Batman which hadn't been featured on the big screen yet. The studio is reportedly against that idea, which is why we may be seeing the return of Catwoman and The Penguin. There is a wealth of awesome villains in the Batman franchise, so it makes one wonder why we might potentially be going back to two villains who were played on the big screen in the early 1990s. Regardless, some official news should be coming down the wire in the near future. While we wait, you can check Josh Gad's Twitter account to see his response to the alleged Robert Pattinson casting in Matt Reeves' The Batman.