It looks like Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe may have just found a new villain. Josh Gad recently posted a photo of the famous Batman villain The Penguin on social media, which has led to speculation that he could be playing the character in an upcoming DCEU movie, possibly The Batman. This could be nothing, but at the same time, why on Earth would Josh Gad post something like this out of the blue for no good reason?

The photo was posted by Josh Gad on Twitter and features a comic book image of Penguin with a bird in one hand, his signature umbrella in the other and muttering the phrase, "Make me!" Since Josh Gad seems to have the build to play Penguin, it is reasonable to speculate he is hinting at his inclusion in The Batman, or another upcoming DCEU project. The "make me" bit could be him sort of putting this out to the universe and saying to the powers that be that they should make him Penguin, but that is purely speculative.

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The Batman had a really rocky few months of development, with a lot of reported script problems, and Ben Affleck leaving the director's chair behind, which led many to speculate the project was in serious trouble. All appears to be well now, though, as director Matt Reeves has stepped in and, as soon as he is done with his commitments on War for the Planet of the Apes, he will hit the ground running with The Batman. In the version of the script that Ben Affleck was going to direct, the main villain was going to be Deathstroke, with Joe Manganiello set to play the DC Comics mercenary. It was also rumored that the movie would feature quite a few Batman villains, so Penguin could definitely factor into those plans. It all depends on what Matt Reeves wants to do with it, now that the project is his.

Penguin is historically a Batman villain and has been played on screen several times. Perhaps most notably by Danny De Vito in Batman Returns. He has also been featured on Fox's series Gotham more recently. That said, there is no reason Penguin couldn't show up in another DCEU project, like Gotham City Sirens or Suicide Squad 2. If he does show up, it definitely looks like Josh Gad could be the next actor to play him on the big screen.

The Batman does not currently have a release date, but the movie is expected to shoot early next year, which would likely have it coming out in 2019. Gotham City Sirens and Suicide Squad 2, both projects which seem like possible fits for Penguin within the DCEU, also don't have release dates set. You can check out Josh Gad's tweet for yourself below and feel free to speculate away until some official word comes from either Josh Gad or someone involved in one of the projects he could show up in.