A lot of things seem a little uncertain in the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe, but there is no question that The Batman is the most confusing and ever-changing project in that world at the moment. Not only has Ben Affleck decided not to direct the movie, but recently, there were reports that the entire movie was going to be getting a rewrite, which wasn't the most encouraging bit of news for those who want to see this movie happen. However, those reports apparently aren't true and as it turns out, the script is reportedly done and everyone is happy with it.

After some recent reports made it seem like the script for The Batman was in pretty rough shape, the folks over at Batman-News.com reached out to Variety reporter Justin Kroll on Twitter to try and clear things up. Batman-News asked him, "any truth to the rumors that The Batman script is being redone from scratch?" His answer was very encouraging. Here is what he had to say.

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"No, several sources already saying new script came in this month and everyone including Emmerich and Ben very happy with it.'

Recently, we reported that Argo and Justice League writer Chris Terrio did a rewrite on the screenplay for The Batman, which was very recently turned in. That would line up with what Justin Kroll had to say in his tweet, since the script "came in this month." Assuming this is true, it would seem that Chris Terrio managed to fix any issues that Ben Affleck and the execs at Warner Bros. were having with the script previously. Even though Affleck is no longer going to direct the movie, this is good news for fans who want the solo Batman movie get made.

For now, Ben Affleck intends to still star in and produce The Batman and collaborate with whoever Warner Bros. hires to direct the movie. At the moment, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves is the rumored frontrunner. Other names that have been thrown around include Gavin O'Connor and George Miller. It was reported that there is a chance, albeit a very small chance, that Affleck could wind up walking away from the movie altogether. Again, that is unlikely, but it is reportedly a possibility. Given the report that he is happy with the script now, that seems even less likely. It is also possible that bringing on a new director who can focus all of their time on The Batman is just what the movie needs to get the train back on the tracks. Especially now the script has been sorted out.

We will next see Ben Affleck as Batman in the first Justice League movie, which is due out on November 17. Warner Bros. has not yet set a release date for The Batman, but it is expected to shoot sometime this year. Joe Manganiello is attached to play the villain Deathstroke, with J.K. Simmons set to play Commissioner Gordon and Jeremy Irons returning to play Alfred. The movie could be coming out in 2018, assuming things go well from here on out, but it is possible it could get bumped to 2019 depending on scheduling and how things ultimately shake out. We will be sure to keep you up to date as more details become available.