Peter Sarsgaard has shed some light on his character in The Batman. While the movie is shrouded in mystery, Sarsgaard has been one of more informative members of the cast. He previously revealed he was playing a district attorney named Gil Colson and has now just given DC fans some insight into how his character will act in the highly anticipated movie. Thankfully, The Batman is currently shooting in and around the London area and has not yet had to take a coronavirus break.

Gil Colson is a district attorney character specifically written for The Batman. He has not been in the comics, though he could be based on another character. In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Peter Sarsgaard revealed a little detail about Colson, which may give fans a sense of where he ends up in the movie. "I'm a district attorney, and I'm basically a politician that has trouble telling the truth," says Sarsgaard of Colton, to which Colbert replied, "what a novel idea."

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The fictional Gotham City is notorious for its corruption, so Gil Colson should fit right into The Batman. However, it is unclear if he'll be friend or foe to Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight. Since Matt Reeves has been so secretive, it's nice to get a sneak peek into a new character, which will undoubtedly get DC fans speculating about how big of a part Gil Colson will have in this movie. While there are already a ton of characters coming up in The Batman, Colson may end up being one of the key players in Matt Reeves' Dark Knight universe.

When Peter Sarsgaard was first cast in The Batman, there were a lot of rumors surrounding who he would play. Harvey Dent, aka, Two-Face seemed like the most logical conclusion, especially after he was revealed to be a district attorney. However, that appears to be false at this time unless there is going to be some big change to the comics. Maybe Gil Colson ends up befriending Dent and sets up a storyline for a sequel, or maybe this is just an unrelated district attorney gig in the DC universe. We're just going to have to wait and see what Matt Reeves has decided to do.

The Batman is taking the iconic character back to his detective roots, which is something Matt Reeves has talked about since he came on board. Throughout the production process, we have seen the new Batsuit, Batcycle, and Batmobile. Each one has an old-school look to it that has definitely been inspired by multiple comics. With that being said, it seems that Reeves is taking most of his inspiration from the Long Halloween limited comic series written by Jeph Loeb. While we wait for some more answers, you can check out the interview with Peter Sarsgaard below, thanks to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube channel.

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