The Batman will begin shooting before the end of the year. Director Matt Reeves shared the news on social media while taking part in an impromptu Q&A session. Additionally, the director revealed what he has been listening to for inspiration while tweaking and finetuning the script. Obviously, this means that the project will find its new Caped Crusader very soon, which is exciting news. Reeves did not comment on who will be taking over for Ben Affleck.

When asked on Twitter if he knew when production on The Batman would start, Matt Reeves simply said, "Looking like sometime around year's end." It's nice to finally start getting some real information about the long awaited project now that Ben Affleck has officially vacated the role. While it had been heavily rumored for over a year that the actor was finished playing the iconic character, it wasn't until recently that Affleck officially confirmed the news himself. The hunt is now on for a younger actor to pick up the cowl.

The Batman isn't scheduled to hit theaters in 2021, so there is still going to be a pretty decent wait time for DC fans who have been waiting to see the movie. Matt Reeves was also asked about what he's been listening to while crafting the script for the movie. Even though a version of the script has been turned in, Reeves revealed that he is still working on it and trying to get it dialed in. As for what he's been listening to, the director says, "'Thank God for the Rain' from the Taxi Driver soundtrack. On endless loop.

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Taxi Driver's "Thank God for the Rain" is less than 2-minutes long, so Matt Reeves has probably listened to the song plenty of times by now. The song plays during the monologue of Travis Bickle played by Robert De Niro in the movie. It's one of those tracks that one could easily listen to on loop and never grow tired of, so it makes sense that Reeves has been listening to the piece of music nonstop since he started writing The Batman script.

As for any other outside influences, Matt Reeves confirmed that he did watch 1974's Chinatown, which stars Jack Nicholson, for the "millionth time." Over the course of the last few years, Reeves has said that he wants to make more of a detective piece about the Dark Knight and give fans a true noir experience. This sounds like a pretty great idea, but it's really going to hinge on the actor that is ultimately chosen to take over for Ben Affleck. Jack Reynor, Jack O'Connell, Nicholas Hoult, Alexander Ludwig, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are all reportedly on the studio's wish list to play Bruce Wayne in the movie. Sadly, Joey Lawrence does not appear to be on that list at this time. The Batman production update was provided by Matt Reeves' Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick