The Batman is back in action again. Recently, star Robert Pattinson, who is playing our new Caped Crusader, tested positive for coronavirus. This led to a shutdown in filming just after it had gotten back underway following the initial pause in March. Now, Warner Bros. and director Matt Reeves are hard at work as Pattinson has been cleared for filming. A spokesperson for the studio had this to say about it.

"Following a hiatus for COVID 19 quarantine precautions, filming has now resumed on 'The Batman' in the U.K."
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Most every major movie and TV production was forced to hit the pause button back in March in the interest of health and safety. Virtually ever since, Hollywood has been trying to devise a way to return to work safely. While productions such as The Batman are taking huge precautions to ensure things are as safe as possible, risk cannot go down to zero at a time like this. Case in point, Robert Pattinson, the biggest star in one of the most highly anticipated movies in the works currently, tested positive. Initially, it has been reported that a "crew member" tested positive before it was revealed to be Robert Pattinson.

The DC Comics adaptation originally began filming earlier in the year for about seven weeks before the initial shutdown. Matt Reeves, known for his work on Planet of the Apes and Cloverfield, co-wrote the screenplay in addition to his duties as director. Reeves took over once Ben Affleck departed the project. Despite only having filmed roughly a quarter of the movie, Reeves was able to put together an impressive, full-length The Batman trailer for DC FanDome last month. The collective internet responded in an overwhelmingly positive manner to the initial footage. While much of the plot remains mysterious, Paul Dano's Riddler will be the main villain, as evidenced by the trailer.

The cast also includes Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Penguin (who is unrecognizable in the trailer), John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon and Andy Serkis as Alfred. Rounding out the ensemble are Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson and Jamie Lawson as Bella Real. Even though Matt Reeves has been careful not to reveal too much the filmmaker has said in the past that this will be a noir-influenced take on the franchise focusing on Batman's skills as a detective. With that in mind, having Riddler as the main antagonist makes a great deal of sense.

Several other high-profile projects have managed to get the ball rolling recently as well. The Matrix 4, Jurassic World: Dominion and Dwayne Johnson's Netflix thriller Red Notice are some of the most prominent examples. The Batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on October 1, 2021. It is not clear how much the recent shutdown set things back but there is no indication at the moment that its release date will be delayed. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via Variety.