You have to give it to Robert Pattinson. He's young, he's good looking, he's earned the title of one of Hollywood's brightest upcoming talents with his performances in a string of acclaimed indie films. And now we have got word of the massive 5 million dollar salary he's going to get for putting on the Batsuit and becoming The Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming reboot of the Dark Knight's franchise.

The news comes from a tweet by Justin Kroll, who also had another tidbit about the movie's actor salaries. As large a fee as Robert Pattinson will earn for his first appearance as Batman, it will still be only half of what Jonah Hill is asking for. Hill is rumored to be wanted by the studio for a major role in the film, and he wants a 10 million payout for the part.

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This will be a lot like when Gene Hackman, an established star, got a much bigger paycheck for playing Lex Luthor opposite newcomer Christopher Reeve's Superman, or when Jack Nicholson took in much higher earnings for playing the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman over lead actor Michael Keaton. The truth is, actor's salaries on projects, particularly while playing the lead or second lead, are often more dependent on their perceived value at the box office than the role itself.

Jonah Hill is a much bigger name in Hollywood right now than Pattinson, who kind of faded away from the mainstream movie scene after the last Twilight movie. Hill, on the other hand, has starred in a string of successful and critically acclaimed movies and worked with Hollywood's best directors, in addition to having already earned an Oscar nomination for Wolf of Wall Street. Clearly, Warner Bros. is banking on Hill's name being a bigger draw for potential audiences than Pattinson's.

But Pattinson is far from being shortchanged, even if he is only getting half of Jonah Hill's salary. For the first Iron Man movie, Robert Downey Jr. only made half a million dollars. Then with each subsequent installment in the MCU franchise, Downey's fees kept skyrocketing, till the role made him into one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors. Since Pattinson is set to play Batman across a trilogy of films, the success of the first movie will almost certainly mean a huge salary bump for subsequent films.

While Jonah Hill's fee will be bigger than Robert Pattinson's, it is still not clear what role he will play in the Batman franchise. Matt Reeves is reportedly discussing the roles of both the Penguin and the Riddler with the actor. Even though early reports had Hill a shoo-in for Penguin, it seems Reeves also sees a glimmer of the Riddler in the Superbad star.

The Batman movie cast is only going to get bigger from here on, with six villains reportedly set to appear in the project. The film is set to be an intimate, psychological affair, with Batman using his detective skills to solve a case where six of the prime antagonists from his rogue's gallery are among the chief suspects.

Neeraj Chand