Robert Pattinson made a young fan's day by hooking him up with a handwritten note and some Batman merchandise. 10-year old James Campbell visited the set of The Batman while the cast and crew were filming in Liverpool. His parents brought him down to see the set every day, with hopes of getting to meet Pattinson. However, they were never able to get a chance to see the new Dark Knight, due to the public health crisis.

James Campbell's mother, Nicola Corkill, decided to reach out for some extra help after they weren't able to achieve their goal. She mentioned Radio City News on Twitter in an effort to get her son's request seen. Campbell wanted to meet Robert Pattinson and give him a picture that he drew of the Caped Crusader. "Can you help my 10yo autistic son get this picture to Batman," asked Campbell's mother on social media. "He has been at the set in Liverpool today and will be there every night until it is gone. He's a massive fan an[d] this would make his entire year. Please help me out a smile on my boy's face."

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Radio City News decided to help James Campbell on his quest to meet the star of The Batman and deliver his picture by posting the image and asking social media to help out too. After the tweet started to get attention, Robert Pattinson was alerted and he sent a delivery of Batman themed gifts to the Campbell family, which included a Batmobile. Pattinson also wrote a handwritten note to the boy with autism, which reads" "Sorry I missed you. Your drawing was great! I'll see you next time I'm in Liverpool."

While James Campbell did not get to meet Robert Pattinson, it seems like he may be able to in the future. Plus, he was reportedly pretty happy about the gifts he received from The Batman actor. James' father said, "To see him react and be so happy just melted our hearts. His mum was in tears, it was just so amazing the fact that he'd actually got something that he really wanted. It was just so nice to see that smile on his face." Actors who star comic book movies end up taking on a lot more than just acting, as they often have a big effect on children who look up to these heroes.

The Batman is still filming and the production was recently spotted in Chicago where some vehicle stunts were being coordinated. It's unclear if the production will be heading back to the U.K., especially since another lockdown is taking place. However, the production has been given the green light to continue working in the area by local authorities. You can check out the original image that James Campbell made for Robert Pattinson, along with some images his family took from the set, above, thanks to the Radio City News Twitter account. The topper art comes from PsychoBoz on Instagram.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick