It turns out that Robert Pattinson may have jokingly predicted his own, possible turn as The Batman more than a decade ago. The internet has been buzzing for the better part of the last day over recent reports indicating that Pattinson could very well be our new Caped Crusader. He hasn't locked down the role just yet, but he's certainly in the running and it won't be too surprising to hear in the near future that he is indeed our guy. As such, perhaps for the first time ever, it's worth checking out this little clip from the Twilight DVD commentary track.

Twilight is still what Robert Pattinson is known best for, as it was a big, flashy and successful franchise. The 33-year-old actor has, however, gone on to star in quite a few interesting indie movies over the last handful of years since his time as Edward Cullen wrapped up. This year alone he's already starred in the sci-fi thriller High Life, and he's also got director Robert Eggers' follow-up to The Witch, The Lighthouse, on deck, as well as Netflix's The King. He also turned quite a few heads with his performance in 2017's Good Time.

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Point being, he's come a long way since his days playing a vampire for the young adult crowd. However, once this Batman news made its way online, someone decided to do a little digging and discovered a curious little bit from the Twilight DVD commentary. The DVD was released in March 2009, right in the heart of Christian Bale's run as Batman, shortly after the release of The Dark Knight. At one point during the commentary, he and co-star Kristen Stewart are laughing at a bit where Edward sneaks up on Bella, attempting to scare her. At this point, Pattinson jokingly tries out his Bale-esque Batman impression, which takes on new meaning today.

Here's what we know for sure and where the situation stands at present. Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes, Cloverfield), is set to write and direct The Batman for Warner Bros. Ben Affleck will no longer be playing the role and Reeves is looking to cast a younger actor for the part. Robert Pattinson is apparently at or near the top of the studio's Batman list, but X-Men: First Class and Tolkien star Nicholas Hoult is said to be right there with him. While initial reports made it seem like Pattinson's casting was a done deal, as far as we know right now, it isn't.

Production on The Batman is expected to begin in late 2019 or early 2020. Hopefully, we'll find out the actual actor who has locked down the gig sooner rather than later. The Batman is set to arrive in theaters on June 25, 2021. In the meantime, be sure to check out what it might be like if Robert Pattinson does become our next Bruce Wayne by listening to the clip below, which was shared by the rk and cinema Twitter account.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott