We don't know a ton about who is going to appear in The Batman, the upcoming Ben Affleck directed solo Batman movie for Warner Bros. At the moment, outside of the Dark Knight himself, the movie has its main villain in Deathstroke and it is a safe bet J.K. Simmons will appear as Jim Gordon and Jeremy Irons will appear as Alfred. We may not be able to add anyone else to that list at the moment, but we can probably cross one off. Sorry, Catwoman.

A new, somewhat strange report from movie reporter Erik Davis courtesy of his personal Twitter account pretty much confirms that, at least for now, Catwoman won't be in Ben Affleck's Batman movie. The way it was revealed is where it gets a bit strange. Erik Davis posted an update to his Twitter after talking to actress Sienna Miller that stated the actress wants to play Catwoman, but that the character isn't currently in the script. Here is what the tweet said.

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"Sienna Miller told me tonight that she wants to play Catwoman in Affleck's Batman movie. 'She's not in the script but I wanna write her in!'"

Erik Davis fairly quickly posted a follow-up tweet saying that "she is not writing the script, so don't take her word as bond." This is a pretty strange way for this information to make its way out into the world, but Sienna Miller may actually know a little something. She is starring in Live By Night, Ben Affleck's latest directorial effort. So, it is certainly possible the two talked about The Batman during filming and she may very well know that Catwoman is not in the script. It is pretty difficult to say, but she at least has some connection to it and may not be pulling this out of nowhere. The fact that this news is coming out in a bit of a weird way actually seems fitting, considering how The Batman has been shaping up, at least in the news so far.

There has been seemingly equal parts excitement and confusion about Ben Affleck's The Batman recently. While doing press for his latest movie The Accountant, the actor/director was pestered quite a bit about his upcoming Batman movie for the DC Extended Universe. At one point, he seemingly revealed that the title of the movie would be The Batman. However, shortly after that, he seemed to take a step back and make it seem as though The Batman wasn't totally, one-hundred percent happening at the moment. All the while Joe Manganiello, who has been cast as the villain Deathstroke, has been giving interviews making it seem like the movie is full-steam ahead with a separate report making it seem as though the script for the movie is a complete mess.

The only thing that is certain is that this movie is being developed by Warner Bros. as part of the DC Extended Universe and that Ben Affleck is attached to direct, even if he isn't sure the movie is happening right now. As for Sienna Miller? She qualifies for the part of Catwoman in that she probably wouldn't look terrible in tight leather and she has been in several action movies before, like G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. So maybe she could play Catwoman and we know Ben Affleck liked her enough to put her in one of his movies already. That said, it doesn't seem like the character is set to appear in The Batman, so that doesn't really matter at the present time.

The Batman does not have a release date yet, but according to Joe Manganiello, it could be shooting as early as March of 2017. That means we could see the movie as early as 2018, and Warner Bros. currently has a release date pegged for October 5, 2018, which could be a prime spot for The Batman. We'll have to wait until an official announcement is made, but don't expect to see Catwoman in the movie, no matter when in it comes out.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott