We now have a better look at Colin Farrell as Penguin in The Batman. A new behind-the-scenes image has found its way online. From what we can see in this new image, along with the first one that was posted a few weeks ago, Farrell is going to be a much different looking Oswald Cobblepot from what we've seen in the comics, TV shows, and the big screen. The actor is sporting a small mustache with a goatee, along with some silver-looking hair.

The latest behind-the-scenes image from The Batman gives us a closer look at Colin Farrell's take on the Penguin. However, he's not in character, unless the villain is really into double fisting Starbucks coffees. The first image we saw a few weeks ago was taken from afar and found Colin Farrell in an overcoat with the villain's trademark umbrella, which is more in line with what we have seen in the past. It is unknown if Farrell will be bulking up with pillows or pads for a more traditional Penguin look.

Peter Sarsgaard has been cast in The Batman in an unknown role, and he recently teased what Caped Crusader fans are going to be seeing on the big screen when Matt Reeves is finished. "Matt directing this Batman [is exciting]," Sarsgaard explained. "The cast is so awesome. It seems different from other Batman movies to me, just with the cast. There's something about it that has an edge, it's young." The cast is a bit on the younger side, but that was something that was rumored to be happening right from the start when Reeves was initially announced.

Peter Sarsgaard than went on the compare The Batman to a rather obscure song by The Pixies, "I Bleed," noting that the song isn't written for a young or old audience, it's mainly an agent of chaos. One doesn't normally think of Frank Black's cut and paste wails with Kim Deal's angelic background vocals when talking about the Dark Knight, but Sarsgaard is making an interesting comparison. "I Bleed" starts as a pretty song and then turns dark and twisted, which could describe a lot of Pixies songs, and may just give us a hint of what The Batman is all about.

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We've seen Robert Pattinson on the set of The Batman, but we have yet to see him in the new Dark Knight suit. For a lot of fans, the design of the new suit is going to be very important, as it has in all of the past movies. So far, Tim Burton has led the way for the big screen with most designs paying tribute in some way to his original designs, along with flourishes from different time periods in the comics. We'll have to settle for Penguin making a coffee run for now. You can check out the latest set images below, thanks to Little Ben's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick