The Batman star Robert Pattinson jokingly walked back his comments on Batman not being a true superhero. Pattinson isn't the only one to have made the argument. DC Comics fans have debated the topic for years, and Pattinson found himself in the middle of it after a recent interview. The actor's whole idea behind his opinion is over the fact that Bruce Wayne doesn't have any superpowers. He's a rich and educated man with inventions, more like Tony Stark than say Thor or the X-Men.

In a new interview, Robert Pattinson was asked about The Batman superhero debate again. The actor, who is no stranger to finding his name in the headlines, knew full well his comments would cause a tiny bit of controversy among the comic fans. And his response to the criticism, may very well do the same. Here's what Pattinson had to say about the superhero comments.

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"I wasn't educated about the subject. People got very angry about it. It's bizarre. I still can't understand the argument. Okay, he's a superhero, I'm sorry! The next headline: 'Pattinson retracts: Batman is, in fact, a superhero. He takes it back.'"

Robert Pattinson definitely has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, which is refreshing. However, he almost lost his cool when reports of his casting in The Batman started spreading. As it turns out, he hadn't even been offered the role when the talks and speculation started. Comic book fans were quick to throw their two cents in about the Twilight actor becoming the Dark Knight, which could have jeopardized him landing the part. Pattinson explains.

"I hadn't even done the audition. It's just nerve-wracking because I was really excited about it and you think: 'really, is this how I'm going to lose this role?' It's the most annoying circumstances to lose something."

As for the fan reactions, Robert Pattinson isn't trying to focus on that just yet. "I'm only worried about if people like it when it's done. Right now, people can think what they want." This is a good way for any actor to approach a role as big as this one in a time where news spreads so fast. The Batman doesn't hit theaters until 2021, but Pattinson is still very excited. "It's the coolest thing ever," he says. "I still can't really believe it."

The pressure is on since The Batman has officially started shooting. Director Matt Reeves revealed on social media that production has started with a picture of the slate. While Robert Pattinson is going to try and ignore the outside pressure of taking on the role, fans are going to be waiting for every set photo to come in, especially when the new Batsuit is finally unveiled. For now, there is some pretty big excitement surrounding the movie and its huge cast. The interview with Robert Pattinson was originally conducted by TimeOut. The fan art in the topper comes from artist Mizurio Official on Twitter.