Society can sleep soundly knowing America's favorite crime-fighters are on the job. Warner Home Video (WHV) and DC Comics bring the next installment of superhero tales to DVD with the releases of The Batman: The Complete Fourth Season and Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season on November 20, 2007.

"The important values of strength, friendship and loyalty are similar themes among The Batman: The Complete Fourth Season and Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season," said Dorinda Marticorena, WHV Vice President, Kids and Sports Marketing. "We're proud to release two fantastic series that feature adventurous characters as well as non-stop action for the next generation of DC Super Hero fans."

Movie PictureCurrently airing on Saturdays on the Kids WB!, The Batman: The Complete Fourth Season features a redesign of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Batgirl returns as an official member of Batman's team and Dick Grayson's arrival as his trusty sidekick Robin comes just in time as evil villains Killer Moth, Black Mask, and Everywhere Man try to invade Gotham City. Watch as the Dynamic Duo becomes a trio in the 2-Disc edition of the Emmy-winning animated series. The Batman: The Complete Fourth Season contains 13 episodes and amazing bonus features including:

- The Batman: Season 4 Unmasked - This featurette highlights "Robin, the Boy Wonder." Discover how the series creators decided on this incarnation of Robin as well as the character's impact on the Dark Knight and his rocky relationship with Batgirl.

WHV will also release Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season which currently airs on the Cartoon Network. Not only do Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven cope with the woes of being a teenager, but as young superheroes they also struggle with the weight of the world on their shoulders. The Teen Titans are forced to question their friendships and the limitation of their powers when they undertake a battle with the "Terror of Trigon"." This 2-Disc Edition from the smash TV series follows the Teen Titans on 13 exciting adventures and features behind the scenes bonuses including:

- Teen Titans: Know Your Foes - This featurette contains five distinct vignettes that give the viewers access to "top secret files" and examines up close the villains the Teen Titans face in Season Four. The vignettes include:

- 1.) Control Freak

- 2.) Bob & the Source

- 3.) Billy Numerous

- 4.) Mother Mae-Eye

- 5.) Trigon