We have a new actress who may be in the running to join the DC universe as our next Catwoman. Pre-production is currently underway on The Batman, which stars Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Good Time) in the title role, with Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, War for the Planet of the Apes) set to write and direct. Now, we have word that Vanessa Kirby is possibly being eyed by Reeves for the coveted role of Selina Kyle in the movie.

According to a new report, Vanessa Kirby is one of the actresses on the shortlist for Catwoman in The Batman. At the present time, no other actresses were specifically named, but Kirby is just one of a handful who will likely be in contention. The studio hasn't officially confirmed that Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, will be part of the equation. However, the character has been rumored for some time now. As for Kirby, she broke out on Netflix's series The Crown. She starred alongside Tom Cruise in last year's blockbuster Mission: Impossible - Fallout and she's set to appear alongside Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in this year's Fast & Furious spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw. She's proven her acting chops and her action chops, making her a seemingly good fit for the role.

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We should caution that this can only be regarded as a rumor for the time being, since Warner Bros. has yet to officially weigh in. What we know for sure is that the movie will be taking the franchise in a different direction. Not just because it will no longer be Ben Affleck under the cape and cowl, but because Matt Reeves intends to use this as a showcase of Bruce Wayne's skills as the world's greatest detective, as opposed to a pure action vehicle. Reeves has also stated previously that it will have a noir feel.

It's been reported previously that the DC Comics adaptation will feature several key villains from Batman's large rogues gallery. Again, while none have been officially confirmed, persistent rumors include Penguin, The Riddler and Two-Face. We recently reported that Andy Serkis, who worked with Matt Reeves on the previous two Planet of the Apes movies, is said to be up for an unspecified role. Beyond that, no further casting has been reported. Though, Aubrey Plaza did recently throw her hat in the ring for Catwoman as well.

On the big screen, Catwoman has been brought to life several times in the past. Michelle Pfeiffer memorably played the part in Tim Burton's Batman Returns. More recently, Anne Hathaway took on the role in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which was actually the last time Batman was given a solo movie, despite Ben Affleck appearing in several DCEU entries alongside his comic book counterparts. Filming on the movie is expected to begin early next year. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. The Batman is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021. This news comes to us via Geeks Worldwide.