The Batman trailer shares some striking similarities with 1995's Se7en trailer. Matt Reeves shocked DC fans at the FanDome event last weekend and dropped more footage than anyone was expecting from his upcoming take on the Dark Knight. Since then, the footage has been picked apart by fans who are looking for more clues about the storyline for the highly anticipated movie. This led to one person noticing that there are a lot of similarities between David Fincher's 1995 Se7en and The Batman footage that Reeves unveiled last weekend.

YouTuber Jonathan Burns made a video that puts the Se7en trailer side by side with The Batman trailer. Burns noticed the similarities right away, though he says, "It's not a flawless match but seeing all the similarities I'm very excited for the new take the next Batman film is taking." And he's right, it's not "flawless," but there are some beats that are eerily similar. Some of the interactions between Brad Pitt's David Mills and Morgan Freeman's William Somerset match almost perfectly with Robert Pattinson's Batman and Jeffrey Wright's James Gordon.

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In Se7en, John Doe uses the seven deadly sins, while the Riddler leaves complex clues in The Batman. When looking at the two trailers side by side, there are even fades and scenes that seem to mirror each other. Matt Reeves has promised a detective story ever since he came on board the project, and he has made good on his promise. The first footage for the upcoming Batman movie looks gritty and realistic, while sharing quite a bit with Se7en at the same time.

This isn't the first time that the world of Batman and Se7en haven been mentioned together. A long-running fan theory posits that the David Fincher movie is set in Gotham City before the Caped Crusader was around. The theory seems to be based on the gritty detective movie sharing elements with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, though there aren't any real clues in Se7en to point to this theory being true. Regardless, it would seem that Matt Reeves took some direct inspiration from Fincher's cult classic when delivering the first footage of The Batman.

While not all of the scenes line up in the side by side viewing of The Batman and Se7en trailers, there are a lot of scenes and beats that nearly identical. Maybe Matt Reeves will come out and admit to taking direct influence and paying tribute to the cult classic movie. Or, maybe it's just one huge coincidence, though one might think there are too many similarities for that to be true. Regardless, DC fans are beyond hyped to see what Robert Pattinson and Reeves were able to pull off together. The director noted that they had only shot about 30% of the movie, which means they have a long way to go. You can check out The Batman and Se7en trailers side by side above, thanks to the Burns Reviews YouTube channel.