Robert Pattinson has revealed why The Batman was the right comic book movie for him. The actor has shied away from blockbusters over the last few years. However, Pattinson maintains it was not a conscious decision to stay out of the spotlight. Instead, he simply took the parts he found interesting and has been crafting a critically acclaimed library of work in the process. But now, he has been cast as Bruce Wayne in Warner Bros.' new take on the Batman franchise.

Taking on the role of Bruce Wayne has a lot of pressure attached to it. Ben Affleck was the last actor to play the character on the big screen and he was under the microscope, to say the least. The Batman was originally going to be a movie that Affleck wrote, directed, and starred it, but a lot has changed since then. So why did Robert Pattinson want to take on the role? He had this to say.

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"There was something that always appealed to me about it. I feel like it sort of exists outside the realm of this sort of [blockbuster]. Batman movies have always attracted really good directors and had really good actors playing in it. It's got a legacy and a lineage to it which it's never seemed to me like it's been a cash-in for something."

Robert Pattinson is right about the Batman movies having a different feel to them from other comic book movies. There are a few from the late 1990s that didn't age too well, but for the most part, the mysterious character has attracted talent both on and off the screen. Plus, the caped crusader normally has a different vibe than anything else, which is a bit darker.

As for the superhero tag, Robert Pattinson falls into the line of thinking that Batman isn't really a superhero, since he doesn't have any superpowers. This has been a long-running argument from comic book fans with many under the impression that he technically is not a traditional superhero. Bruce Wayne is pretty much just a rich guy with some emotional problems and a lot of cool toys to fight crime and get revenge.

The Batman is currently shooting in London and we received our first unofficial images from the set earlier this week. Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne has been spotted, but we have yet to see him in full suit. Additionally, he had a motorcycle helmet covering most of his face. Colin Farrell was also spotted on the set as the new version of Oswald Cobblepott, aka The Penguin. With production now underway, it's only a matter of time before we get our first look at Pattinson in the Batsuit. For now, we'll just have to wait and see. You can watch the interview with Pattinson below, thanks to the Entertainment Weekly YouTube channel.