Lleju Productions has released the first poster and two new photos from The Baytown Disco, which is slated for release sometime later this year. Take a look at this one-sheet below, and click on the photos featuring Billy Bob Thornton and Paul Wesley to access our gallery.

The Baytown Disco Poster
The Baytown Disco Photo #1
The Baytown Disco Photo #2

The rousing rebel spirit of a family of Southern thugs takes off at breakneck speed in The Baytown Disco -- a wickedly playful, high-velocity action-comedy in which three infamously ruthless Alabama brothers find themselves on the wrong side of crooked cops, relentless Feds, mad mobsters, road pirates, tomahawk-wielding bikers, tricky femme fatales and an unforgettable cast of characters as colorful as they are lethal when they finally try to do a single good deed.