In a story from Variety, it appears that the A&E drama The Beast is being cancelled.

The show, which starred Patrick Swayze as a rogue FBI cop in Chicago, was canceled after 13 episodes. The last episode aired April 23.

The Sony-produced show got on off to rough start when Swayze got diagnosed with with cancer. Due to the actors illness there was talk of bringing in a new actor to replace him. Lou Diamond Phillips appeared in episode No. 7 but nothing ever came from that.

Many of the actors on the show do not know its fate and are trying to decide what they should do as other job offers come in.

Also starring in The Beast are Travis Fimmel, Kevin J. O'Connor, Larry Gilliard Jr. and Lindsay Pulsipher.

UPDATE: (6/4/09 9:45 AM PST) A rep from A&E contacted E! Online and said the report of the show's cancellation was premature.

"This is not accurate," a network spokesperson said. "We have not made a decision yet."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on news of this series' fate on A&E.