Universal Pictures is planning a sequel to its 1999 comedy The Best Man. Malcolm D. Lee, who wrote and directed the original, will return to write and direct the sequel.

The Best Man starred Taye Diggs as Harper Stweart, who is asked by his best friend (Morris Chestnut) to be the best man at his wedding. Unfortunately, Harper's semi-autobiographical novel is about to come out, where he describes sleeping with his best friend's bride-to-be (Nia Long). Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, and Sanaa Lathan also starred in The Best Man, which marked Malcolm D. Lee's writing and directorial debut.

The original cast is expected to return for the sequel. It is also said that the idea for a sequel sprung from a reunion dinner Malcolm D. Lee held for most of The Best Man cast.

No production schedule was given for the sequel.