Reports continue to surface that maybe things aren't so bad for traditional entertainment outlets like movie theaters and video stores.

Home Media Retailing states that in a recent report conducted by the Motion Picture association, "Eight in 10 moviegoers are satisfied with the theatrical experience."

The report notes that 81% of the people surveyed enjoyed the last movie they saw while only 15% felt "they should have waited for the DVD."

In addition to this "69% of movie fans prefer seeing a movie in theaters, compared to 31% at home." Also, "42% of moviegoers plan to buy the DVD of the last movie they saw, with 56% of these DVD fans making the decision immediately after leaving the theater."

This study was done in the wake of the announcement that in 2005 the domestic box office was the lowest it has been since 2001. Also, it was down 5.7% from 2004.