The Blair Witch Project Co-creator, Dan Myrick, announced that he is conducting an open casting call for his upcoming production, The Objective, using an abazab Playbox. Actors will be able to submit their auditions directly to Dan and his Gearhead Pictures Team either via file upload or by recording directly into the Playbox using a web cam or iSight.

Casting calls require actors to drive long distances, fight for parking, and wait in line for hours before the audition. Likewise, the current heat wave and high gas prices also could artificially limit the talent pool. The answer was new technology from abazab, where all the auditions can be collected, managed, and moderated in a single location, on the Gearhead Pictures Blog site.

"It was important for us to bring the largest pool of talented actors to audition for The Objective, said Dan Myrick, Co-creator of "The Blair Witch Project" and President of Gearhead Pictures. "Using abazab brings the actors to us, makes the best use of their time, and allows us to efficiently screen and select the best talent."

Several key roles will be cast using this method, including:

-- CAPTAIN MATT McCARTHY (34): A West Point graduate whose old man was an NCO in the Marines. Matt is decisive, in charge, and in control.

-- WARRANT OFFICER WALLACE "WALLY" HAMER (45): An old but strong warrior. Wally is a bear of a man with a commanding physical presence.

-- CORPORAL TIMOTHY COLE (22): Is gung-ho, confident, well-trained and full of youthful bravery.

-- PETER SADLER (36): SAS BRITISH MEDIC who has proven quite worthy. Pete is one hell of a medic, a crack military historian, and has a quick and dark sense of humor.


The Objective is a docu-style, supernatural thriller that centers on a Special Forces team that is on a mission to find a "High Value Target" within the sacred mountains of Afghanistan. Despite their unrivaled training and bravery, these modern day warriors soon find themselves up against an enemy that none of them could have ever imagined.

"Dan and his team continue to lead as visionaries for independent film and the internet," said Duane Kuroda, VP of Marketing at abazab. "We are pleased that the abazab Playbox can bring their actors and casting directors together and revolutionize casting calls."

Complete instructions for submitting auditions are available on "The Objective" casting site (