Blind SideThe film that landed Sandra Bullock her first Oscar made a big debut on the DVD sales charts last week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Blind Side easily topped the DVD sales and DVD rental charts in its first week in release, the week ending March 28.

The new DVD sold an estimated 3 million units during its first week in release and also had high rental demand, taking first place on the rental charts as well. The new release beat out last week's top seller The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which dropped to second place on the sales charts. The Chris Weitz vampire sequel was still in high demand, though, as it sold 86% of the units The Blind Side sold and rental activity was down just 9%. The film remained in second place on the rental charts for a second week in a row.

An animated classic debuted on Blu-ray in a big way with Toy Story taking the top spot on the Blu-ray sales charts with the sequel, Toy Story 2, coming in third place, just behind The Blind Side Blu-ray. It was said, however, that The Blind Side's Blu-ray sales only accounted for 16% of the total units sold.

Other notable newcomers on the charts were The Men Who Stare at Goats, which came in sixth place on the DVD sales charts and third place in DVD rentals, Brothers right behind The Men Who Stare at Goats with seventh place in sales and fourth in rentals and Fantastic Mr. Fox, which finished in eighth place in sales and 13th place in rentals.