Warner Bros. is in the process of remaking the 1992 hit The Bodyguard into a new, modern-day feature. Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer will write the screenplay.

The original 1992 movie The Bodyguard starred Kevin Costner as a Secret Service agent brought onto protect a singer (Whitney Houston) who fears for her life because of a dangerous stalker. Eventually, the Secret Service agent falls in love with the celebrity.

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The new version of The Bodyguard will be revamped for today's digital age, with an Iraq War veteran taking on the bodyguard job, discovering that it is even more difficult to protect celebrities in the 21st Century. There is speculation that Rhianna may take over the role originated by Whitney Houston.

Dan Lin will produce the remake along with co-producer Mark Bauch. The producers are seeking a young singer with a worldwide following for the lead role. No production schedule was released for The Bodyguard at this time.

The Bodyguard grossed over $400 million worldwide during its theatrical run in 1992.