The Book of EliA Denzel Washington apocalyptic thriller laid the competition to waste on the home video charts last week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Book of Eli took the top spot on the DVD sales charts, DVD rental charts and the Blu-ray sales charts in its first week on the shelves, the week ending June 20.

The film bumped Alice in Wonderland out of the top spot on the DVD sales charts, which it had held for the past two weeks, knocking it down to second place. It was a distant second place as well, as it was reported that The Book of Eli outsold Alice in Wonderland by a three-to-one margin.

There was little competition from new releases on the charts this week, with the only two notable new releases on the shelves. The Disney romantic comedy When in Rome took fifth place on the sales charts and second place in rentals, although it only amassed 44% of the rental revenue that The Book of Eli took in. The only other notable release was the three-disc TV/DVD set Family Guy, Vol. 8, which took seventh place on the sales charts.

On the high-def charts, The Book of Eli completed the sweep in first place, with an impressive 35% of the disc's sales in the 1080p format. Still posting incredible numbers in its ninth week on the shelves is Avatar, which moved back into second place on the BD sales charts after a fourth-place finish last week. It was said that a whopping 46% of Avatar's total sales last week came in the BD format, even after being on the shelves for more than two months.