Since the huge success of the Tony Award winning show The Book of Mormon on Broadway, there has been much talk of adapting the musical for the silver screen. Though there has been no word from creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone about that happening, one of the stars of the show, Frozen II's Josh Gad, thinks that certain elements will have to change should The Book of Mormon ever leap from stage to screen.

"I think you have to adjust with the times. I don't know that that show could open today and have the same open-armed response that it did then. It's not to say that it's any less significant or wonderful or incredible a musical; I just think it's the nature of art to adapt. I would certainly hope that with a future adaptation there would be that growth. Because I think it's a cool opportunity for growth."
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Josh Gad mentions 'growth' and the idea of the show adapting, he is no doubt talking about the more controversial topics that the The Book of Mormon pokes fun at. The show certainly raised eyebrows when it premiered, lampooning the Mormon faith as well as broaching such difficult topics as closeted sexuality to the AIDS crisis with a satirical edge, with Parker and Stone, the creators behind South Park at the helm, audiences are presumably aware of the kind of that will be provided. Gad did note that he had not heard anything about a movie version at this time.

The Book of Mormon, much like South Park, is reliant on stereotypes for its humor, which have come under fire more recently causing many television shows and movies to go back and be contextualized. This kind of adapting is no doubt what Gad is referring to, but, knowing Parker and Stone, they would likely push back against any kind of interference, perhaps even leaning into such controversies even harder should The Book of Mormon ever be adapted.

"We've definitely had discussions about it, but it's... we're in no hurry to do that," Parker told IGN of a Book of Mormon movie back in 2016. "There's no pressure. I don't think Bobby feels any pressure. He's off doing this stuff. We're all busy. It feels like it's too soon, too. We want to talk about it and make it really good, but... We love that we have this little Broadway thing. It's a Broadway thing. But I think someday I'd want to make the definitive version that's like, here's what we've sort of intended all along."

With the recent release of another hugely popular stage musical, Hamilton, to Disney+, studios may well be looking at bringing other Broadway shows to the screen and people's homes. But, with Hamilton on the receiving end of some backlash due to the show's depiction of slave owners and the perceived glamorization of the subject matter, will The Book of Mormon realistically be at the top of the list? This comes to us courtesy of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing.