Actress Rachel Weisz is in serious talks to star in the Universal Pictures spy adventure The Bourne Legacy as the female lead. However, it seems she might have to choose between The Bourne Legacy and a role as evil witch Evanorah in Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Last week, we reported that Rachel Weisz is in talks for the Oz: The Great and Powerful role, and while it's possible she may be able to pull off both roles, it seems unlikely. Oz: The Great and Powerful is planning on a summer production start, while The Bourne Legacy is gearing towards a September start date.

We reported in April that Jeremy Renner was offered the lead in The Bourne Legacy, portraying a young covert agent who enters a program similar to Treadstone from the first three movies. We haven't heard if Jeremy Renner has accepted the role yet, or if negotiations have started.

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If Rachel Weisz goes with Oz: The Great and Powerful, she will star alongside James Franco, who plays Oz, and Mila Kunis, who plays the eventual Wicked Witch of the West, Theodorah.