The Bourne Supremacy: A new review of the script for The Bourne Identity sequel, starring Matt Damon, is now online over at Latino Review. The review contains many spoilers and plot points about the film.

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When a Chinese vice-premier is executed by notorious assassin Jason Bourne, it causes serious trouble and hubbub in the CIA. Why? There is no "Jason Bourne", as that name is just a cover for CIA agent David Webb (Damon), so it appears that someone has taken the "Bourne identity" (get it?) away from him, creating a diplomatic crisis between the U.S.A. and China. It's up to the real "Bourne" to find out who's behind this ruse, and hopefully return peace to the two nations before they go to war over it, while also protecting his girlfriend, Marie Kreutz, whose life is threatened by this latest imbroglio.