The Bourne Supremacy: According to Variety, the follow up to 2002's The Bourne Identity is to start production at Studio Babelsberg outside of Berlin in the coming weeks.

Paul Greengrass' follow-up to Universal's 2002 hit The Bourne Identity will film in Berlin and other German locations through February after its shoot in Russia.

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Matt Damon will reprise his role as Jason Bourne, a man on a search to find out his real identity as he evades the CIA and assassins. In the sequel, a Chinese vice-premier has been slain by the legendary assassin Jason Bourne.

Of course, there is no Jason Bourne. The identity is simply a cover for the CIA's David Webb. But with someone else assuming the Bourne identity, the U.S. must find a way to avert a international diplomatic scandal that imperils Sino-American peace.