The Bourne Ultimatum will be released on standard and HD DVD formats on December 11, and, according to Home Media Magazine, some brand new special features were just unveiled for the HD DVD/DVD combo edition.

The new features are as follows:

VW - Get More Info

This is a cross-promotional item that displays the VW Tourag, which is used in the film. It gives you info on the car, and also has six webisodes which go through the intense action sequences the car went through in the movie.

Be Bourne Spy Game

This is basically a test of your spy skills. You are shown clips from the movie and asked to state details about what you were just shown. You can also connect to the download center and see how your score stacks up against other owners of the movie.

U-Control: Blackbriar Files

This feature allows you to access more info on several aspects of the movie while it's playing, like the fight scenes and CIA intel.