The Butterfly Effect:David DVD has gotten hold of word of a director's cut of Friday's release of the New Line Cinema thriller, The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. Apparently the filmakers behind the film are planning a specil edition DVD which will include a director's cut of the film which will end the film a lot darker tone then the theatrical release coming to theaters on Friday...

The filmmakers of The Butterfly Effect have completed a director's cut of upcoming time travel film for the eventual DVD release. According to directors Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, New Line Cinema allowed the filmmakers to go for a darker and more controversial ending for a possible DVD release.

"At least they allowed us to shoot our ending, because we knew [the subject was debated] back and forth," Gruber said. "That was one of the problems over the years. Everyone thought the ending was amazing, but they didn't know for a mass release how audiences would fare with that. The differences between the director's cut and the theatrical cut were not the results of test audiences' comments. In fact, the DVD would be the first time the director's cut has ever been screened at all. "It really has not been tested in front of an audience," Bress said. "We were in such a time crunch to finish the real movie and not be too concerned about these extra scenes, we really just didn't have that opportunity, and things were pretty much locked [for the theatrical cut]."

The Butterfly Effect opens in theaters on Friday January 23rd.