After starring in the lighthearted summer comedy Tammy, Susan Sarandon takes on the thriller genre in a new international trailer for The Calling. The actress stars as Detective Inspector Hazel Micaleff in Fort Dundas, Ontario, a sleepy town where not much happens, until one day when Hazel discovers the corpse of an elderly woman who was brutally murdered.

Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace and Donald Sutherland round out an all-star cast in this thriller from director Jason Stone, in theaters August 29.

Despite a bad back, a reliance on painkillers and the occasional drink to take the edge off, Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef (Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon, Best Actress, Dead Men Walking, 1995; Cloud Atlas, The Big Wedding, Snitch) leads a tranquil existence sharing a home with her elderly mother, Emily (Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn, Best Actress, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, 1974; The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream), in Fort Dundas, Ontario. It is the epitome of a quaint and quiet town, but all of that is suddenly upended. As the interim commanding officer of an understaffed police force, Micallef, out on a routine call, discovers the grisly body of an elderly woman. The murder is shocking in its brutality.

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