Tim Allen dreams of making his own dark sci-fi movie.

Just as Stallone had "Rocky" and Gibson had "Braveheart," Allen has his own pet project that he has already written, a film that he wants to star in, direct, and personally finance. It's something so edgy that he doesn't think a studio would back him. Fans of Home Improvement might be surprised: the movie will be a dark sci-fi, and his first dramatic role as a leading man. The story is about a man who finds himself with the power to do anything; vaguely similar to Bruce Almighty, in premise, but with a much darker and more serious tone. "It's science fiction," Allen says, "But a threatening kind of science fiction, as though it could actually happen. Literally, what happens to this guy--he has the ability to do whatever he wants. I don't think anyone's strong enough to take that. I've always dreamt about it as a kid--if you could have whatever you wish. It would be fun for a couple of hours, but after that, it would become somewhat of a handicap, a punishment." Comparing his project to Bruce Almighty, Allen says that "[Bruce] had an end. But what if it didn't end? What if it just went on and on? It's scary. Not a good position to be in. It would be fun for awhile. I think Twilight Zone did those. I grew up on that stuff, those twisted stories."

Possible sequel for Christmas with the Kranks.

Kranks director Joe Roth said that the last line of the movie--"Maybe we'll skip Christmas next year"--is not, as some suggested, intentionally setting up a sequel. Then again.... in the next breath, he said, "If it's successful, and Tim [Allen] and Jamie Lee [Curtis] want to do something, then you do something. Although I wouldn't set it at Christmas. I would take it out of it's reverential start and make it more like a family holiday someplace. I wouldn't go "Easter with the Kranks." You'd be much better off with a summer tour or something. There's a million things you can do with it."

Chris Columbus on Rent:

"We have five of the original cast members, maybe six. I interviewed them all, just to make sure they were the right age. It's been a few years--it hasn't been that long--but they all look like they're in their 20s, which is important for the characters. Rosario Dawson is going to be playing Mimi." . . . "We're not doing a PG version of Rent. It's going to be a full-blown, depending on what the rating is, R-rated version of this play..."

Also, Columbus confirmed that he will have NO more involvement in the Harry Potter franchise. He is completely finished and will not have his name attached to HP4.

Dan Akroyd talks Ghostbusters 3 (or lack thereof)

Akroyd says that he still wants to make a Ghostbusters 3, but that it will never happen. First off, the original cast has moved on and doesn't have interest. Akroyd is open to the idea of using a younger cast, but said that without naming names, certain people will not give up their original rights to the material, meaning it can't move forward. Without naming names, he said that certain people will not give up their original rights to the material, meaning he can't go forward.

Akroyd has no current movies that he is working on or is scheduled to work on.

(Sorry--I know the Ghostbusters thing is old news, but this is an update, I suppose)

Jamie Lee Curtis is putting the brakes on her acting career, not signing up for any more roles, instead choosing to become a full-time mother. She might do a day's work here or there, theoretically, but she is cutting off substantial movie roles completely.

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