The Chronicles Of Riddick: A reader over at Dark Horizons has scooped the site with some new info on the current production going on on the Vin Diesel sci-fi action flick, The Chronicles Of Riddick...

"News of some major additional photography on 'Chronicles'. In the vicinity of $5M has been budgeted for at least seven days of filming in early March in Vancouver Canada on the Vin Diesel sequel. RELATED: Chronicles of Riddick 4 Script Comes in Next Week Teases Vin Diesel

Some of the additional work apparently reverses the fatal fate of a major character

whose demise had already been filmed during principal photography.

A close source to the production notes that actor Nick Chinlund "sort of steals the

picture from Diesel". Other material includes additional SFX work".

Meanwhile actress Kristin Lehman recently spoke to Sci-Fi Wire about her role in the film: "I play the only other Furyan in the film. Vin is, as we know, a Furyan. And this, of course, is the odyssey for him, to realize who he is, what he comes from, what his odyssey is. And I am the Furyan who brings that out in him. I come to him".

As for the film itself, she describes it as "vast, it's epic...tremendous in scope and tremendous in special effects".